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Winchester Model 1907 Hyman Lebman Replica

Brand: Bull Creek Arms
Product Code: winch_model_1907
Price: $1,699.00

March 2019:   We have used up our complete stock of components to build these custom 1907's. If interested you should give us a call so we can discuss.



 A carefully crafted replica of the Model 1907 Winchester conversion done in the 1920’s and 30’s by Texas gunsmith Hyman Lebman for the likes of John Dillinger, Homer Van Meter, and others. It is estimated that no more than 6 or 7 of these custom rifles were originally built making them all but impossible to obtain for collecting or shooting.

The toughest challenge with this project was recreating the original metal forearms needed to attach and adequately support the TSMG fore grip. We have painstakingly recreated the Lebman muzzle compensator using measurements taken from one of the FBI museum guns. The 1907 Winchester, chambered for the .351 WSL cartridge, was state of the art equipment in it’s day with lot’s of firepower. The penetration of the .351 WSL far exceeds the .45 ACP cartridge, even when fired from the longer barreled Thompson submachine gun.

These are original Winchester rifles and each one is unique due to previous use. We acquire only functional rifles with good bores and decent wood. The rifles are totally stripped down, cleaned, worn parts replaced, blued,  reassembled and test fired. . As with the originals, the forearms are painted (Duracoat) and the butt stocks are Winchester originals. We can supply these guns with decent used butt stocks. Each gun is supplied with one aftermarket 10 round magazine. These guns are essentially custom built to order, availability is based on current orders and our ability to acquire decent 1907’s.

Ask about conversions to customer owned rifles.


Lebman 1907 Compensator. blue with sight : $250

Cut and thread 1907 muzzle (barrel already pulled) : $125

Cut and thread muzzle, we pull barrel : $175


Firearm Attributes
Model Winchester Model 1907
Type semi-auto rifle
Caliber .351 WSL
Barrel Length 18.5"
Weight 5 Lbs.
Finish: Stock Wood, forearm painted with Duracoat
Finish : Barrel & Receiver Blued
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