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Bonnie & Clyde Style “Whippet” 12 gauge Remington Model 11
This is a Remington Model 11 12 gauge shotgun reconfigured to resemble the "Whippet" type shotguns used by Bonnie & Clyde and other depression era bandits. These are legal length guns which have 18.5" barrels and are 30.5" overall length. We try to keep a few 12 gauge guns in stock, and ..
Reising Model 50 Compensator
Newly manufactured compensator for the Reising Model 50 SMG. These are a direct replacement for the originals that often have blown baffles. These units are externally identical to the original, but internally the baffles are much thicker and you’ll have no problems with blown out baffles in the ..
Winchester Model 1897 12 Ga Barrel Shims
Winchester Model 1897 12 Ga barrel shims for tightening the takedown on your shotgun. Includes three (3) .005" brass shims.  Price includes USPS within the USA. ..
Winchester Model 1897 12 Ga Trench Gun
We have carefully recreated the famous Winchester Model 1897 12 Ga Trench Gun using original Winchester Model 1897 12 Ga shotguns. We buy decent used Winchester shotguns which are then totally torn down, cleaned, worn parts replaced, re-blued, reassembled and tested for proper function. Cham..
Winchester Model 1907 Hyman Lebman Replica
March 2019:   We have used up our complete stock of components to build these custom 1907's. If interested you should give us a call so we can discuss.   WINCHESTER 1907 LEBMAN RIFLE  A carefully crafted replica of the Model 1907 Winchester conversion done in the 1920’s..
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